And I enjoy building products and crafting user experiences that customers love.

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About Me

I'm an accomplished Management Consultant with over 13 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Software industry. I have a proven track record of helping leadership teams grow their businesses through product management, business, and technology transformations. I have experience developing strategic solutions to improve customer experience, optimize business processes, improve marketing effectiveness, build strategic client relationships and generate top line revenue growth with new products. I'm passionate about driving innovation within organizations and building high performing teams through coaching and leadership.



It's not hard to find someone with deep technical knowledge, insightful industry vision or great business experience, but finding all of that in one person is a challenge. I've worked as an Engineer, Program Manager, Management Consultant, Technical Advisor, and Product Manager. What I've learned from each one of those positions is that the only way you truly succeed is to ensure the end customer is happy. And you can only do that by building great trusting relationships and finding innovative solutions that customers need. That's where I can help.



As a professional with experinece in multiple disciplines, I am able to provide clients with a variety of services.


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Email: nick.pinto@npinto.ca

Twitter: @Nick_Unleashed